DIY Consulting empowers
YOU, not the contractor.

With over 45 years of combined experience in the construction and home improvement industry, we realized that a fresh approach needs to be implemented.

Our services were born out of a sincere desire to hold the home improvement industry responsible for the lack of customer service, over charging and poor craftsmanship.

After watching many companies over promise and under deliver, we decided to take action.

We joined forces to create the concept of DIY Consulting.

Our efforts and services aim to revolutionize the home improvement industry by offering every DIY Consulting customer protection, assurance and peace of mind that their project will be handled by professionals.

Our belief is that every project and every customer should be treated with the highest level of importance, and tasks should be completed without extra costs or delays.

Our mission is to eliminate all contractors who fail to deliver industry standard expertise at an affordable price and empower the client to get exactly what they want.